Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Grand Canyon Experience

Our trip to the Grand Canyon was a true test of will and character. We set off down the canyon on the South Kaibab Trail around 10am. The air was pretty chilly, about 30 degrees, and the snow and ice at the top made for a pretty difficult descent.   After about 4 hours of hiking we made it to the bottom where it was much warmer. Once everyone got to the bottom we sat down and relaxed by the Colorado River (which is huge) and then finally headed towards our cabins where we would stay the night down at Phantom Ranch! The dinner they provided for us was great, so much food we could barely walk after.
The next morning we got up extra early and headed up the Bright Angel Trail which is about a 10 mile hike back to the top of the Grand Canyon. On the way up, is when we were truely testing our character.   The hike was mentally and physically challenging but we all finished and felt great afterwards! The Grand Canyon is a place that you can't  really describe because it is like no where else in the world. We are so fortunate to have gotten the chance to hike it. We were told that we were part of the 1% of 1% of the 5 million people who actually hike down and back up the Grand Canyon in two days.  We felt pretty accomplished!!
By: Paige Boyer

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