Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Worth a Thousand Words

Fisch told us to bring a camera so we could blog about our pictures. I didn’t do this. Cameras on outdoor adventures never work for me. You are either here or you’re not. My taking the images that I see and freezing them in time and putting a time around the important bits won’t change that fact. A photograph destroys what you are trying to capture. These vistas can’t be seen through a lens.
A camera provides such a small sliver of reality. One tiny cropped angel, a small fraction of a second.

The experiences I want to share are far outside these barriers. Watching a shadow of the far ridge creep up the rock you’re sitting on. Feeling that shadow reach your body and begin leaching your heat away. Hearing seven distance birdcalls even if you know nothing about birds, then noticing how much better their hearing is when they all stop at once and minutes later a hiker walks by.  The terror of a wasp landing on your arm, its stinger half an inch long. Watching it slowly crawl down your forearm, over your vains, not daring to move only to have it fly away.

These things you can't find in a photo album. They only way to do it is to step out your door walk till you can't find anything built by humans -sit down, be quite and wait.

Theodore Gorman

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