Monday, January 16, 2012

Another day in paradise!

Although the day was atypical for AZ, cloudy skies, cold (60's), and rainy, we had another full day. We started off visiting the Sonoran Arizona Desert Museum to see the wildlife native to the desert. After several hours of viewing coati, bighorn sheep, gray wolves, mountain lions, hummingbirds and the like, we hiked to the highest point in the Tucson Mountains, the range to the west of the city.  About three hours and seven miles later, we had conquered another challenging climb from the perspective of the elevation change (1900'). The students informed me that tomorrow they would rather have a long hike rather than an uphill one!   That being said, they have been "troopers" about the hikes that I have chosen. The picture attached to the blog is from Wasson Peak, the high point. By the time of this picture, Theodore was probably back at the beginning of the trail. He gets a bit bored with the pace of all of us women!

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