Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Third Day of Our AZ Trip

Theodore, Lindsay, Paige, Leigh, Claire, Laura, Kelly, and I have gotten in a fairly common daily routine- up by 8 am, breakfast of waffles or cereal and yogurt and eggs. Everyone has packed their gear and made their travel lunch of sandwich, fruit, carrots, bars, and water and we head out by 9:30 am ready to hike. Generally we are hiking 3-4 hours dependent on our motive for the hike- long distance or elevation/shorter route. After each hike, we usually shop for dinner items and then fix from "scratch," the evening meal. Students are paired to prepare each meal. I had collected recipes pre-trip and each pair executes the menu.

I have been surprised by the apparent lack of cooking experience but pleased at the attempts made. One student had never heard of broiling something in the oven. Now she knows what it is and how to broil! We're always learning and not just about hiking or parks or geology!

All three evening meals from scratch have received rave reviews from those enjoying it. It has been especially fun sharing the meals all together around the big table in the hostel.

After dinner it is movies or games with snacks.

We did a "drive by" of the hundreds of armed forces airplanes at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base today. We were all in amazement - a sight unlike the largest car dealership.

Our hike was on the Phoneline Trail in Sabino Canyon Recreation Park. It was a 10+ miler on a beautiful sunny AZ day. The picture attached was taken from the far end of the Canyon.


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